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Investor Relations

Our team of foodie experts is dedicated to providing wonderful food truck experiences to the people who love food trucks,
whether eating at one or running one.

Why Snabb?

Snabb is New York City’s first mobile app dedicated to serv- ing the diverse needs of food truck vendors and enthusiasts. For food truck customers, Snabb provides a social experi- ence in addition while connecting them to their favorite trucks. For food truck vendors, Snabb helps increase brand awareness and grow sales by expanding their existing cus- tomer base.

What problems are we here to solve ?



Lowest delivery and pickup fees compared to our direct competitors and other deliv- ery apps.

More freedom for vendors to choose whether they want to use their own deliv- ery drivers or ours.

Snabb is like Yelp for food trucks as well. They can also follow other users on the app and see their friends’ activities.

Food festival highlights allow customers to keep up with the latest fun and informa- tive food truck updates.


Current Investors

We are proud to have “Elite Virtual Investments” ( as part of our es- teemed group of current investors. Join them and be part of the journey to success!

Pitch deck available upon request.

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