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Our App

Snabb's unique features allow New Yorkers to interact with their local food trucks through pick up, delivery, and review options.


Easy Delivery and Pickup

From the food truck to your door, delicious food is just one Snabb away. Watching Netflix at home and craving tacos from your favorite food truck? No worries. At Snabb, we make food truck delivery fast, easy, and reliable. For those who are already out and want to skip the line, Snabb also offers pickup options.


Food Truck Locator

It can be tricky to track down your favorite truck. Snabb keeps up with all the places you love, so you can eat there whenever you want. The map locator is one of the most convenient features on the Snabb app, with more trucks added all the time!


Authentic Food Truck Reviews

Sharing is caring, and food delivery doesn't have to be a solitary and isolated experience anymore. With Snabb, you can share your foodie journey with all your friends and let them know about your favorite dishes. The Snabb app is the perfect platform to unleash your inner food reviewer and share your unique experiences with other Snabbers who will appreciate them.


Social Media Platform Embedded in App

Whether sharing a bottle of wine on the patio or ordering food truck delivery, meals should provide a space for social connection. Snabb's social platform allows users to leave comments, likes, and reviews. Snabb recognizes the importance of community in the food space and focuses on visual content and social aspects in the app.

About Snabb and Team


About Snabb

Snabb has been built with the mission to provide a place for foodies. With our app, users can find food trucks near their location using the map locator. Users can review the menu while also leaving likes and comments for other users to see. Pickup and delivery options are available through the app, and Snabb supports the use of several different payment methods.

Our team of foodie experts is dedicated to providing wonderful food truck experiences to the people who love food trucks, whether eating at one or running one.

Our Team


Raphael Weaver

CEO, Founder

Raphael Weaver founded Snabb in 2018 and continues to lead the company's business, vision, and mission. After graduating from the University of Alabama with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, Raphael spent 13 years as a lead software engineer and management at a fintech company. He continues to focus on core business principles and knowledge by reading dozens of books about business and technology entrepreneurship. His leadership and management in all division sectors of the company ensure Snabb remains investable and highly profitable.


Vincent Ploum


Vincent Ploum is the Chief Operating Officer at Snabb. He is responsible for setting up and managing processes for daily operations across Snabb. He also works closely with Snabb's founder and advises on decisions that impact the company's strategy and roadmap. Vincent's experience includes 12 years of technology consulting across various Fortune 500 companies. He specializes in implementing enterprise-wide (cloud) solutions and holds a Master's degree in Marketing Management.


Angela Wong

Co-founder, Head of IR

Angela Wong is part of Snabb’s founding team and helps conduct Snabb's investor relations and overlook corporate communication. She is a goal-oriented investor relations professional with experience working for international organizations such as the United Nations. In addition to being a published author, Angela's past projects include overlooking early-stage, program-related venture capital investments in food technology companies in APAC regions. Angela graduated from New York University with her undergraduate degree and is currently an M.S. candidate and Academic Excellence Fellowship Awardee at Columbia University. Angela is currently based in Hong Kong, China.


Rosalba Ndoja

Social Media Manager

Rosalba Ndoja manages all social media accounts at Snabb with a focus on social media marketing. Rosalba completed her Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Chemistry and Food Technology at the University of Tirana. She also holds a Professional Master in Marketing Innovation from the European University of Tirana. Rosalba has worked professionally in social media for over two years and focuses on marketing and graphic design. She currently creates on Instagram, Tiktok, and Twitter and looks forward to creating more beautiful content for Snabb.


Haidee Espiritu

Graphic Designer and Content Creator

Haidee Espiritu creates and curates social media content for Snabb. Since joining the team, she has enjoyed exercising her artistic expression freely across various social media platforms. Haidee also creates print-based media for the company and is currently studying for a Bachelor's degree in Architecture.


Valentina Oleggini

Customer Service and Personal Management Support

Valentina Oleggini leads Snabb's customer service team. She reviews customer feedback and attends to customer needs to ensure the Snabb experience is the best it can be. Valentina is also heavily involved in delivery driver recruitment and serves as a point-of-contact for new drivers. She enjoys the interesting and challenging experiences working with Snabb has brought her and looks forward to continuing to grow as a professional. Valentina is currently working on her degree in International Relations.


Khushboo Agrawal

Lead Senior Software Engineer

Khusboo Agrawal is the lead software engineer at Snabb. She completed her Bachelor's of Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering from India before gaining eight years of software engineering experience. Over the last two years, she has utilized her talents in developing the Snabb app. Khushboo has developed the versions of the app used by customers, delivery drivers, and food trucks and continues to manage the development life cycle, end-to-end testing, and documentation. She creates the builds for Android and iOS platforms on deploys them on the Google Play Store and Apple Play Store, respectively.


Vivek Shrivastav

Senior Software Engineer

Since completing his bachelor's degree in India, Vivek Shrivastav has over five years of experience in software engineering. He has been on the Snabb team for nearly two years and works primarily on development pertaining to the customer app and the food truck's portal app. Vivek is passionate about every step of engineering and enjoys seeing a project all the way from design to testing.


Jyoti Bora

QA Analyst

Jyoti Bora is a QA engineer at Snabb focused on breaking developer's code, checking end-to-end scenarios, and functional testing of Snabb's portals and apps. Since completing her Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology, she has over eight years of experience in Selenium and UFT to automate test cases. Jyoti also has experience in functional and API testing with a deep understanding of acceptance criteria and testing scenarios. Jyoti's resourcefulness, professionalism, and accomplishments in automation testing are an excellent fit for the Snabb team.

Investor Relations

Our team of foodie experts is dedicated to providing wonderful food truck experiences to the people who love food trucks, whether eating at one or running one.


Why Snabb?

Snabb is New York City's first mobile app dedicated to serving the diverse needs of food truck vendors and enthusiasts. For food truck customers, Snabb provides a social experience in addition while connecting them to their favorite trucks. For food truck vendors, Snabb helps increase brand awareness and grow sales by expanding their existing customer base.


What problems are we here to solve?

1. Lack of Technology - There is very little technology dedicated to food truck vendors, specifically, increasing food truck sales and providing more convenient ordering and delivery experiences.
2. Long Lines and Waiting Time - Customer wait time impacts food truck vendors majorly as they tend to lose customers forever if the wait time is too long. >
3. Inconsistent Location - Customers may be unable to locate the food truck they are looking for if the location changes.
4. Lack of Online Presence - Not having a social media presence can limit the food truck's exposure and reach to new customers, making them more reliant on word-of-mouth marketing.


Projected Growth

By the end of Q4 2022, Snabb expects to have a full foodie social media immersion within the app. By Q2 2023, Snabb expects to start onboarding restaurants in New York City and across the nation.

Pitch deck available: Pitch Deck Link


Competitive Advantage

Advantage 1: Lowest delivery and pickup fees compared to our direct competitors and other delivery apps.
Advantage 2: More freedom for vendors to choose whether they want to use their own delivery drivers or ours.
Advantage 3: Snabb is like Yelp for food trucks as well. It allows users to leave comments, likes and share with other foodies their opinions about the food trucks featured in the app. They can also follow other users on the app and see their friends' activities.
Advantage 4: Food festival highlights allow customers to keep up with the latest fun and informative food truck updates.

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1178 Broadway, 3rd Floor(Coworking Space), New York, NY 10001, United States
+1 334 498 2463